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:: Sunday, February 27, 2005 ::

End Of An Era (Or Perhaps The World...)

Last night, we played our final, marathon session of Masks, Cathy's Call of Cthulhu campaign. We finally acquired the translation of an ancient Chinese manuscript telling how to re-make the magical ward to block the path of the dark gods into our world -- and almost killed ourselves in the casting of the spell. (We did have one casualty -- our archaeologist -- but it could've been much, much worse.)

My character, Emily, ended the game with 14 SAN (down from 70), 2 POW (down from 14), and a shrivelled arm -- but she stayed alive long enough to learn and cast the Elder Sign spell necessary to create the Eye of Light and Darkness.

Funniest moment from our final session: We knew that for the ritual we needed someone who could cast the Elder Sign spell (none of us knew it, but a PC whose player couldn't make it did know it) and the blood of an "innocent". GM Cathy ruled that we could phone the player of the absent PC to find out which of the books in our possession he'd learned the spell from, so we could all try to learn it. Now, learning the spell requires both that you read the book (a Read English skill check, which is based on one's Education Level), which causes you to lose some SAN and gain some Cthulhu Mythos, and that you UNDERSTAND the spell (an Intelligence check). So the smartest PCs started trying to learn the spell. They'd read the book, lose a little SAN -- and then fail their intelligence checks.

So then the less-smart PCs started trying to learn the spell.

Andy's PC Neville rolled so poorly that he couldn't even make his "Read English" check -- he tried twice! -- with an 85% chance. Then I tried... and with an INT of 9, I made my INTx2 check.

It was only after that, after everyone but Neville and our doctor (who was already halfway 'round the bend) had read the book and gained Cthulhu Mythos that we realized that the "innocent" had to be someone without any Cthulhu Mythos.

So Neville got to be our lucky bleeder by virtue of his complete lack of cleverness. He was not exactly pleased by this -- we were afraid we'd have to knock him unconscious -- but it all worked out in the end....

We will eventually learn in an epilogue, either via email or at our wrap party, whether the spell (in combination with our previously-wreaked havoc) will be enough to foil the plans of Nyarlathotep and his cultists. And then, if the world doesn't end, Emily is going back to the States for a nice long rest and a new career in nursing....
:: Karen | 6:21 PM | | [+] ::
:: Thursday, February 24, 2005 ::

Gallery of Rogues

In between bouts of Real Life, which has been impinging on my gaming quite a bit lately (but in a good way), I finally finished the web page giving summaries of all my current and past characters that I started working on over a year ago.... (Mostly it's all just an excuse to find pretty pictures, I think....)
:: Karen | 9:46 PM | | [+] ::

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