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:: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 ::

What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?

As many of you know, I've taken to doing "soundtrack" mixes for some of the games I play in. This week, inspired largely by discovering a song called "Millionaire Adventurer Balloonist," I set out to make a Call Of Cthulhu mix for Cathy.

Now, sometimes when I do this, I suddenly realize that one album in particular could be the game soundtrack all by itself. It happened for "Power of Threes", and now it seems to be happening for Masks: After pulling a bunch of appropriate tracks into a playlist and then culling down to album length, I realized that 11 of the 28 tracks I'd selected come from Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants -- and I didn't even use "Dig My Grave" or "My Evil Twin" or "Hall Of Heads"....

And then I realized -- well, duh! I mean, just look at the cover art....

:: Karen | 3:09 AM | | [+] ::
:: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 ::

I Like To Think Of Myself As The Poster-Child For Inbreeding

As some of you may recall, every so often I stumble upon some new tidbit of information about my ancestors that allows me to find often-hilarious information about them online.

Last time I did a little online genealogy digging, I found out that my paternal great-great grandfather led the vigilante band that killed his good-fer-nothin' brother-in-law. The time before that, I found out that the reason my maternal grandmother used to make such casual reference to marryin' one's cousins was that her own parents were first cousins.

This weekend I decided to do a litle digging on my maternal grandfather. I had the names of his parents but hadn't gotten any farther than that. This time, I found a website recently put up by a distant relative that includes scans of a large number of very useful documents -- including my grandfather's obituary and the death certificates of both my grandfather's parents. These, conveniently, include the names of all four of my great-great-grandparents on that side. Woo-hoo! Armed with this new information, I started poking around on a few genealogy sites. I'd traced one branch back several generations, when all of a sudden...

I got to a name I recognized.

Yes, not only were my maternal great-grandparents first cousins, my maternal grandparents were fourth cousins. At least. (My mother has mentioned before that she was pretty sure they were related -- I mean, in a farming community occupied for over a hundred years by a few large families, it's hard not to be -- but she was pretty sure it was through a different branch than the one I found....)

As I compare my own family tree to the Family Tumbleweed in House of Cards, it occurs to me that my mom is probably about what you'd get if Phillipe and Saeth hooked up.

Now I'm just waiting to find out that my dad is actually my mom's fifth cousin....

:: Karen | 8:32 PM | | [+] ::

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